J.Z. Richards
J.Z. Richards

Product Information

Trademark Designs with Attitude

It all begins with the designs. When you buy a J.Z. Richards necktie, you are investing in quality neckwear that not only coordinates with your shirts and suits, but is distinctive enough to set you apart from the masses.

• All J.Z. Richards designs are exclusive.
• Custom designs are developed and colored by J.Z. Richards’ design team, who create fantastic colors and unique designs that have become a trademark for J.Z. neckwear.
• Customers tell us that the color creations make our ties so easy to wear.
• All J.Z. neckwear is made from 100% Silk, a fiber that can be dyed or printed with very rich, full colors. Since all J.Z. ties are made from the finest silk, your tie will not only feel great, but its color and design will be crisp and clean.

Hand-Made in the U.S.A.

The quality American craftsmanship that goes into every J.Z. Richards tie results in a durable tie that knots easily, doesn’t slip, and is quality inside and out. Your J.Z. Richards tie always looks great. And so will you.

• All J.Z. Richards’ ties are hand-made in the U.S.A.
• Hand-sewn labels replace traditional bartacks.
• Every J.Z. tie has an imported Jacquard lining.
• A fabric self-loop is sewn on all J.Z. ties to keep the small end in place and looking neat.
• J.Z. interlinings are individually cut on a perfect 45-degree bias, so your tie will always hang perfectly symmetrical.
• J.Z. Richards ties average 58 ½” in length, longer than the industry standard.
• J.Z. ties are sewn with a 3/8” full sewing margin on both points.

Always Special

J.Z. Richards’ ties are only available in the finest men’s stores, where quality is always exceptional.

• Sales staffs are knowledgeable and highly committed so you can have confidence that your J.Z. tie looks great and is appropriate with your shirts and clothing.
• Customer satisfaction is guarantee. Returns and exchanges are handled quickly and easily.
• Flawed or irregular ties never leave the factory to be sold below cost.

You’ll always get what you pay for with a J.Z. Richards necktie. Some would even say you get more.